How to deal with the problem of oil consumption of the mill?

Regardless of whether it is a Raymond mill, a vertical mill or an ultra-fine mill, it will involve fuel consumption, which is also a concern for consumers.

HGM micro powder grinding mill

In fact, it is very important to reduce the fuel consumption of the mill. We all know that if a machine wants to run the engine is the key to the source of power. To reduce fuel consumption, we must start with the engine.

1. Because the combustion chamber is prone to carbon deposits, which will cause difficulty in starting; carbon deposits in the fuel injection nozzle will also cause blockage of the oil passage, deformation of gasoline injection and poor atomization.

2. There are many reasons for the sludge generated at the throttle. Some of the waste gas from fuel combustion forms carbon deposits at the throttle; and the impurities that are not filtered by the air filter are formed at the throttle. If there is more air intake in the sludge, it will cause air resistance and lead to increased fuel consumption.

3. The air filter is directly related to the air intake of the engine during the use of the mill. During the operation of the mill, the air filter will not be blocked, but we all know that the working environment of the Raymond machine has always been It is very bad. In the process of Raymond mill, you need to pay special attention to the cleaning of the air filter.

From the above analysis, we can see that the cleaning of the engine of the motor is very important. Only regular cleaning can ensure the normal operation of the Raymond mill and reduce fuel consumption. The above is Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd introduced the fuel consumption problem of the mill, I hope to help you, please consult 0086-13917147829 for details.

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